Junker's Nursery Ltd

P.M.A. Plant Specialities

What we do best

We are specialist growers of an exciting range of hardy shrubs and trees, including:
Acer, Betula, Cornus, Daphne, Epimedium, deciduous Euonymus, Liquidambar, Magnolia, Parrotia, Viburnum

Many of our plants are choice and hard to find, but all are worthy of a place in your garden.

We are Mail Order Specialists where help and advice are freely given.

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Last updated 19th October 2014 


We have finally moved! 
Please note that we have relocated to our other site, we have not given up!

We have a new postal address and a new phone number.
Please see the contact page on the website for details.

Visitors will remain strictly by appointment with no exception. 

My email address remains the same. 

Be aware that availability detail within is out-of-date. I'm sorry! I'll get to it as soon as I can.
In the meanwhile, please email me with your requirements prior to ordering.

As always, if you find a broken link, do let me know! Some of the pictures aren't working
properly, so I apologise for that. I'm working on it! 

Please also note that our old e-mail addresses will no longer work, so make sure
you are using the correct one: karan@junker.co.uk

Important: If you have visited our website previously, you may have to click "Refresh"
in order to see the new pages as opposed to previously accessed versions.

Remember that we have a wide range of larger plants too, for quicker effect.
Don't hesitate to ask for details. 

Visitors are welcome, but by only appointment please.
Contact me here.

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