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AMELANCHIER x grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance'
Amelanchier is a wonderful genus of spring flowering trees. Wonderful though they are in the spring, there is much more to them than that, given that they can give year round interest with fruit in summer as well. As the name implies, this lovely form was selected for particularly attractive autumn colours to complete the seasonal display. It is a genus that is commonly produced by grafting. The rootstocks used are often less than idea and at best produce unsightly graft unions, and at worst they can sucker dreadfully, totally spoiling the tree. We prefer to propagate them from cuttings so that they are on their own roots. This also enables the true characteristic of each cultivar to develop, rather than be influenced by the (usually excessively vigorous) rootstock. In this manner our plants may be smaller and lighter than grafted plants, but we prefer to play the long game and do it properly.

ARBUTUS 'Marina' 
This evergreen is a handsome hybrid with larger leaves than the more familiar A. unedo. In fact, it is bigger in every way. It seems to be quite happy on limey soil (not extreme though) and the extra vigour gives it a little more resilience to adverse conditions, retaining the lovely peeling bark. If you have dreamt about growing A. menziesii but had neither the soil or the climate, then this could be the plant for you!

ARBUTUS unedo 'Atlantic'
This one has the white flowers of the species, but is more compact. Not particularly dwarf (larger given time than 'Quercifolia' below) just a nicer looking plant than the basic A. unedo. Strawberry-like fruit and lovely bark are typical of the genus. Evergreen of course - as are the others.

ARBUTUS unedo 'Quercifolia'
The smallest of the group, with distinctive wavy edged foliage, named after their resemblance to oak leaves. Flowers and fruit are typical of the genus. Its compact bushy habit, in conjunction with its extreme wind tolerance, makes this an incredibly useful plant.
See it in our Quarry Garden where we have incorporated it as informal hedging along the ridge fully exposed to the prevailing south westerlies.

ARBUTUS unedo 'Rubra'
This traditional version of the "strawberry tree" needs little introduction. Red tinged pitcher like flowers hang in bunches in autumn, before developing into the strawberry like fruits which give it its name. Attractive peeling bark too. These Arbutus are incredibly tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions, from waterlogged exposed sites to heavy alkaline clay.

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