The links below take you to the appropriate species, or the first cultivar of that species. Hybrids not attributed to a specific epithet are also included here.

The principle is that it should make it quicker to find the plant that you are looking for in the larger genera where we have plants of a great many species. Click here to take you to my general Daphne information.

If the species is in black, then there is currently no catalogue entry. This may simply be an oversight or a temporary reflection on availability, so do e-mail me to find out the situation.

Daphne information
Daphne acutiloba 'Fragrant Cloud'
Daphne albowiana
Daphne altaica
Daphne bholua 'Cobhay Coral'  'Cobhay Debut'  'Cobhay Snow'  'Darjeeling'  var. glacialis 'Gurkha'  'Jacqueline Postill'  'Limpsfield'  'Penwood'  'Sir Peter Smithers'  'Spring Beauty'
Daphne blagayana 'Brenda Anderson'
Daphne x burkwoodii 'Albert Burkwood'  'G.K. Argles'  'Gold Sport'  'Golden Treasure'  'Lavenirii'  'Somerset'  'Somerset Gold Edge'
Daphne calcicola 'Gang ho ba'
Daphne caucasica
Daphne cneorum 'Eximia'
Daphne genkwa
Daphne x hendersonii 'Aymon Correvon'  'Blackthorn Rose'  'Ernst Hauser'  'Marion White'  'Solferino' NES99/4
Daphne 'Hinton'
Daphne 'Kilmeston Beauty'
Daphne laureola var. phillippii
Daphne x mantensiana 'Manten'
Daphne x mauerbachii 'Perfume of Spring'
Daphne mezereum
Daphne x napolitana 'Bramdean'  'Enigma'  'Meon'  'Stasek'
Daphne odora 'Aureamarginata'   'Double Cream'   'Sakiwaka'
Daphne pontica x laureola
Daphne retusa
Daphne 'Richard's Choice'
Daphne x rollsdorfii 'Arnold Cihlarz'  'Wilhelm Schacht'
Daphne 'Rosy Wave'
Daphne sericea
Daphne 'Spring Beauty' see D. bholua 'Spring Beauty'
Daphne 'Spring Herald'
Daphne x susannae 'Anton Fahndrich'  'Cheriton'  'Tichborne'
Daphne tangutica
Daphne x transylvanica 'Beulah Cross'
Daphne wolongensis  'Guardsman'

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