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last updated 09/03/2018

Daphne albowiana DAPHNE albowiana 
An extremely well behaved small evergreen shrub growing to less than a metre tall by a little wider. With large glossy green leaves it is very similar to D. pontica although we find it actually does better. Unusual yellow spidery flowers in April (just before D. pontica) followed by red berries. Best in a shady site.

DAPHNE altaica
A semi-evergreen shrub to 2m high of upright habit. The fragrant white flowers occur in clusters in May-June followed by red fruits. Attractive long thin greyish green leaves. Our stock came originally from the Linz Botanic Garden, Austria. It thrives in sun or light shade and is comparatively easy to please.

DAPHNE blagayana 'Brenda Anderson'
D. blagayana itself is highly sought after and notoriously difficult to grow. It is a rangy evergreen that needs alpine conditions in order to thrive. This selection is much more compact and oddly seems more amenable to cultivation in more normal garden conditions. They have sumptuous clusters of large milky white flowers in early spring, which appear almost too large for the compact habit. As with all daphnes, it's not happy if its foliage has to sit on wet ground. Of course this is exacerbated in the little ones by their smaller stature, but they definitely do better when planted in a good thick layer of gravel. Similarly, it's worth removing any fallen leaves that blow against them to maintain good air movement around them through the winter.

DAPHNE x burkwoodii 'G. K. Argles' 
Originating in Devon, this is one of the strongest growing of the variegated burkwoodiis and a really excellent plant. The leaves are broader with a deep gold margin. The large flowers are quite pink in bud, opening to a pale pinky white with the usual exquisite fragrance. A must for every garden! 

DAPHNE x burkwoodii 'Gold Sport'
This superb selection comes to us from Robin White and has remarkable vigour for a plant with such pronounced variegation. 

Daphne burkwoodii Gold Strike DAPHNE x burkwoodii 'Golden Treasure'
A very different foliage effect, sporting as it does a vivid yellow or lime green (dependant on the time of year and light levels) centre and a green edge to the leaves. Flowers as the type.

DAPHNE x burkwoodii 'Lavenirii'
This form occurred in France as a chance hybrid some 10 years before the better known Burkwood seedlings. To be precise, it is actually the reverse cross ie. D. caucasica pollinated by D. cneorum. The plant is smaller in all its parts, tending to be virtually deciduous. The pale pink flowers appear more star shaped, and are darker pink in bud.

DAPHNE x burkwoodii 'Somerset' 
The sister seedling of 'Albert Burkwood', this differs in larger leaves and overall size and paler flowers. In many ways it is arguably the better plant!

DAPHNE x burkwoodii 'Somerset Gold Edge
A sport of 'Somerset', it is more robust than 'Astrid' and 'Carol Mackie'. In comparison with 'G. K. Argles', it is more bushy with creamier leaf margins. The flowers are the slightly paler colour typical of 'Somerset'.

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