EUONYMUS continued
last updated 26/10/2014

EUONYMUS planipes 'Dart's August Flame'
This Dutch selection fruits abundantly early in the season, in August.

EUONYMUS planipes 'Sancho'
After a slow start, this has the potential to become a big shrub. Long red-brown winter buds contrast with green young branches. Large cymes of yellowish flowers are produced in late spring. The autumn spectacle is courtesy of prolific red fruit rather than foliage colour.

EUONYMUS quelpaertensis

EUONYMUS sacrosanctus
I love this little chap! Superficially very similar to a diminutive form of E. alatus, the corky wings are even more pronounced and the leaves smaller. Leaves and branches are flushed with copper whilst the autumn colour is glowing orange.

EUONYMUS sanguineus 
This Chinese shrub is rare in cultivation. The young shoots and leaves are strongly flushed bronze, and again in the autumn along with red fruits.

EUONYMUS verrucosus 
I was very taken with this one! To 3m it has dense, warty branches and attractive arching habit. Purple-brown flowers followed by yellowish red capsules. Needs a sunny site to set fruit.

EXOCHORDA serratifolia 'Snow White' 
This is a fantastic selection. It is vigorous, with larger leaves and most importantly, larger flowers! We were amazed last year by the stunning butter yellow autumn colour. This plant is worthy of a place in every garden! Very early into leaf and flower, it seems untouched by late frosts. For me, those wonderful white flowers herald the start of spring.

FORSYTHIA suspensa 'Taff's Arnold'
We haven't grown this one for a number of years, but it's good to see it back on the beds. I know Forsythia may be considered an "ordinary" shrub, but when you think about it, it really is a splendid thing. What could be easier to grow or more cheerful, with its vivid yellow flowers in those depressing dark days of late winter? This one has the added benefit of nicely variegated foliage which develops surprisingly eye-catching autumn colour. 

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