last updated 14/03/2022

Magnolia 'A. E. Bold'
(M. 'Black Tulip' x M. 'J. C. Williams') An excellent recent selection from Germany, 'A. E. Bold' forms a stiffly upright small tree of broadly columnar habit. The gorgeous flowers are a reddish shade of pink, the colour appearing more intense due to being an even colour throughout both the inside and the outside of the flower. The flowers are also held nicely, with good substance, opening to a classical cup and saucer shape. Although visually in the style of a campbellii, this excellent hybrid has so many advantages; including much greater hardiness, flowering from a much earlier age, a smaller sized tree and a wonderful colour. Its sister seedling 'Anne Leitner' is similar.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia x wieseneri 'Aashild Kalleberg' at Junker's Nursery

Magnolia x wieseneri 'Aashild Kalleberg'
This is a wonderful summer flowering selection, being more vigorous and more inclined to form a tree-like shape than the Hillier clone of M. x wieseneri.  Unexpectedly the flowers have 8 to 9 pure white petals, appearing shaped like a tulip on the first day, before opening out like a saucer, potentially to 25cm across the next day. The prominent stamens have a deep red colour when pollen is shed, and are very much like those of M. sieboldii. The original plant reached approximately 6m tall at 19 years of age, is very floriferous over a long period of time (flowering particularly heavily in late summer) and very hardy. It is thus described by Olav Kalleberg, its Norwegian raiser, to whom we are indebted for our stock.

Magnolia campbellii 'AlbaTrewithen' at Junker's Nursery

Magnolia campbellii 'Alba Trewithen'
Magnolia campbellii is often considered to be the "ultimate" Magnolia, with characteristically huge "cup and saucer" shaped flowers. This selection from Trewithen Gardens in Cornwall has white flowers, delicately flushed with pale pink on the outside. The overall appearance becomes increasingly white as the flowers mature and the petals reflex. Magnolia campbellii selections are typically some of the first magnolias to flower in the spring, often opening as early as February. Inevitably this can make them vulnerable to frost damage, but even if the flowers are spoilt in some years, the tree itself should survive all but the hardest of winters. With the changing climate, these aristocratic magnolias become more worthy of consideration across a much wider area of the country. As a named selection, these plants are grafted, so will flower from an earlier age by comparison with plants grown from seed.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Albatross' at Junker's Nursery

Magnolia 'Albatross'
(M. cylindrica x M. x veitchii 'Peter Veitch') I believe that this gorgeous hybrid was raised at Trewithen Gardens, but for me, the most memorable specimen is at Lanhydrock (also in Cornwall). As you can see in the photo (taken here), the fabulous flowers appear almost pure white, although close up you can see that they have a very faint pink blush at the base of the tepals. The flowers can be up to 30cm across and are fragrant. This has the potential to be a vigorous tree once established but still young; its initial upright habit ultimately broadening with maturity.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Alex' at Junker's Nursery
Magnolia 'Alex'
(M. x soulangeana ‘Lennei’ x M. sprengeri ‘Diva’) A delightful pink magnolia from the garden of Maurice Foster in Kent. Of very upright habit, the smaller soulangeana-shaped flowers are crowded on every spur up the stems. When the plant is grown in shade, the flowers are a noticeably deeper pink at the base.

Magnolia stellata 'Alixeed' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia stellata 'Alixeed'
This chance American seedling of M. stellata may well be a hybrid, given that the tepals are considerably broader than is typical in M. stellata. The highly scented flowers are light pink in colour and the petals do not flop but are held upright. It generally develops a tree-like form, making it possible to grow with a single trunk, and can reach 5m in 12 years.

Magnolia 'Amber' 
(M. ‘Yellow Bird’ x M. x brooklynensis) From Ian Baldick in New Zealand this selection has essentially yellow large flowers. Each flower has 6 rounded tepals; the outer 3 are deep yellow, whilst the inner trio have a pink suffusion, darkening to the base, which gives an almost orange tint, and a wonderful honey-amber colour overall. Blooming in late spring, with the first flowers emerging on bare stems, the flowers are seldom damaged by frost.

Magnolia 'Ambrosia'
(M. brooklynensis 'Eva Maria' x M. brooklynensis '#143') This most unusual selection originated in the hands of David Clulow in Surrey, having multi-coloured cup-shaped blooms of barium yellow shaded with chartreuse green, centrally striped and stippled throughout with purple. These are produced freely from an early age, in late spring along with the foliage. It forms a tree of vigorous, pyramidal habit to 7m.

Magnolia 'Angelica' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Angelica'
(M. cylindrica x M. x soulangeana ‘Sawada’s Pink’) According to the respected Dennis Ledvina: “ ‘Angelica’ has nine round, cup shaped tepals that measure over 3 inches in diameter. The colour is pure white. The flower retains its bowl shape and does not flop with age. ‘Angelica’ will develop into a medium sized tree. The flowering time is intermediate between that of M. cylindrica and M. x soulangeana. The seed of this hybrid was collected from the original cross made by Phil Savage.” That certainly describes the flower shape well, which is really quite distinctive. I would agree that the overall effect is white, but this photo clearly shows a pink flush to the outside of the tepals in bud. It often amazes me that details can become evident in a photograph that somehow are missed by the naked eye. It is also relevant to note that 'Angelica' has a comparatively upright habit, with the potential to gain height fairly quickly when young.

Magnolia 'Angel's Landing'
(M. 'Pickard's Opal' x M. sprengeri var. elongata) The very large flowers of this exciting German hybrid are mainly white, with a rich pink highlight at the base of the tepals. A young strongly growing plant is rather upright, with a very tidily branched structure. I expect it to broaden with age as most do. Very hardy.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Anilou'
(M. acuminata x M. 'Elizabeth') Raised and selected at the Belgian Arboretum Wespelaar, this is a spectacular introduction, flowering as it does for more than a month (from mid April to the end of May). Green in bud, the flowers open to deep yellow on the outside and sulphur yellow within, creating a spectacular and vigorous tree of erect habit.

Magnolia 'Anna' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Anna'
([M. acuminata x M. x soulangeana ‘Picture’] x [M. acuminata x M. x sargentiana var. robusta)] Bred by Dennis Ledvina in the US, but raised and named in Sweden, this hybrid is unique in our collection. Essentially creamy white, there is just the faintest flush of pink at the base of the broad petals. Late flowering, 'Anna' makes a robust, broad tree.

Magnolia 'Anne Leitner' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Anne Leitner'
(M. 'Black Tulip' x M. 'J. C. Williams') Another fabulous hybrid selected by Philippe de Spoelberch at Arboretum Wespelaar in Belgium. It is rather similar to its sister seedling 'A. E. Bold', with huge reddish pink flowers, which are the same sumptuous colour both inside and out.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Anticipation'
A superb hybrid from M. cylindrica. Beautiful white flowers are produced in abundance, even after severe winters, late in the spring. 'Anticipation' typically makes a multi-stemmed and freely branched small tree, rarely producing a single dominant trunk.

Magnolia 'Antje Zandee'
(M. 'Deep Purple Dream' x M. 'Black Tulip') This particularly hardy German hybrid has robust, globular flowers, up to 14cm across, which can last for more than a month. They are deep black-red in bud, opening to an intense, bright cherry red both inside and out; said by the breeder to give exciting colour effects in changing light. It forms a tightly upright tree.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia  'Aphrodite'
(M. 'Black Tulip' x M. 'Deep Purple Dream') This German hybrid has the same parents as 'Antje Zandee', so it is not surprising that it is similar. I would suggest that the flower is a little less intense on 'Aphrodite', being slightly paler within. Like 'Antje Zandee', the beautiful rose-like flowers are held for a particularly long time. Flowering later than 'Black Tulip', it is an excellent choice in a colder location.

Magnolia 'Apollo' 
(M. campbellii mollicomata 'Lanarth' x M. liliiflora 'Nigra') From the late Felix Jury in New Zealand, the same breeder who was responsible for the renowned 'Iolanthe'. Deep violet-pink buds open to enormous bowl-like flowers which are paler within. The star-shaped flowers are huge – they can be 25cm-30cm across. With maturity, the narrower than usual petals reflex to show off the prominent central boss of richly coloured stamens. ‘Apollo’ forms an open, spreading, often multi-stemmed small tree to 5m. Mid to late season flowering, sometimes reblooming in mid-summer.

Magnolia 'Archangel'
(M. sprengeri ‘Diva’ x M. x soulangeana ‘Brozzoni’) This superb Phil Savage selection displays huge, heavy textured, white flowers. 'Archangel' typically makes a small tree with a rounded canopy.

Magnolia 'Asian Artistry'
(M. denudata x M. sprengeri 'Diva') The abundant large flowers, with 9-12 tepals, open out flat to up to 30cm across. They are pearly white inside whilst stained deep purple-red at the base of the tepals. These gorgeous blooms inherit the gloriously intoxicating fragrance of 'Diva'. Hardy and fast growing, potentially making an imposing large tree. Flowers later in the spring than most other Gresham hybrids.

Magnolia 'Athene' 
(M. 'Mark Jury' x M. x soulangeana 'Lennei Alba') Another fabulous hybrid from the late Felix Jury in New Zealand. The large cup and saucer shaped flowers are white-rimmed, shading in to rosy purple with an ivory white cup to give a bicolour effect. Richly fragrant, they appear in mid-spring. Upright and vase shaped when young, it matures into a rounded small tree of perhaps 6m.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Atlas' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Atlas' 
(M. 'Mark Jury' x M. x soulangeana 'Lennei') This spectacular Felix Jury hybrid boasts some of the largest flowers in the Magnolia world. The huge cup shaped blooms can be up to 35cm across, with individual petals measuring 15cm wide.  They are lilac pink with a creamy white interior and fragrant. Upright when young, it becomes more rounded with age. 6m. It flowers mid season, but flowers of that size will inevitably last longer in a more sheltered site. 
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Aurora' at Junker's Nursery

Magnolia 'Aurora'
(M. ‘Starwars’ x M. sargentiana var. robusta) A superb selection from Os Blumhardt in New Zealand, the gorgeous flowers are similar in shape to those of ‘Starwars’, but in a delightful clear pink. It forms a tidy tree of upright habit; expect 4m x 1.5m in 10 years.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Banana Split'

Magnolia dawsoniana 'Barbara Cook' at Junker's Nursery
Magnolia dawsoniana 'Barbara Cook'
Although typically classified as a cultivar of M. dawsoniana, there is the possibility that it occurred as a hybrid of that species with M. campbellii. This would certainly tally with the much wider petals giving greater fullness to its flowers, and the exquisite pale pink colour which was considered vastly superior to the typical species. The interesting history of this beauty is recounted by its raiser Alleyne Cook in issue 65 of the Magnolia Society Journal. It was named after his wife.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia campbellii 'Betty Jessel' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia campbellii 'Betty Jessel'
This is a remarkable cultivar, raised from seed from the original 'Darjeeling', it is almost red in colour. An increasing number of "red" magnolias are being bred, but back in 1967 when this one was registered, it was a radical departure. 'Betty Jessel' is particularly late flowering, typically not blooming until April or even May, thus avoiding the worst of the spring frosts.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Big Dude' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Big Dude'
(M. sprengeri 'Diva' x M. x soulangeana 'Picture') Upright habit when young, but becoming more spreading with age. The fragrant flowers are very large, up to 35cm across, with 9-12 tepals are predominantly white, whilst being beautifully shaded rose pink outside from the base. 
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Binette'

Magnolia cylindrica 'Bjuv'
A medium sized tree to 9m, M. cylindrica as a species is noted particularly for the seed pods which open to reveal shining orange seeds. The white flowers in April-May are actually fragrant at night. This Swedish selection is smaller, slow growing and slender, with proportionally smaller leaves too. The dainty flowers reflect the shape of the tree, being comparatively small and tidy, held upright along the branches. The overall appearance is white, highlighted by rich purplish pink colouring towards the bottom of the outsides of the tepals, extending in a stripe up the midrib.

Magnolia x brooklynensis 'Black Beauty'
(M. acuminata x M. liliiflora) This small growing hybrid from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has very dark purple flowers, which have a contrasting creamy white interior, stained purple at the base. The narrow-petalled, upright, weather-resistant flowers are not overly large and its late season flowering makes it a great choice in a harsher site.

Magnolia sargentiana 'Blood Moon' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia sargentiana 'Blood Moon'
This year, this was the first Magnolia in our collection to flower, starting in mid February. The delightful pink flowers are some 20-25cm across.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Blushing Belle' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Blushing Belle'
(M. ‘Yellow Bird’ M. ‘Caerhays Belle’) This hybrid from Dennis Ledvina (2001) is a particular favourite of mine. Aesthetically similar to ‘Caerhays Belle’, but much hardier and with narrower tepals, the large flowers are a unique shade of deep pink with a lighter pink interior. It's difficult to digitally capture the colour accurately, but when viewed side by side with other "pink" magnolias, this one can be seen to have a characteristic slightly apricot flush to its colouring. For us this is a slow growing small tree.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Bon Vintage'

Magnolia 'Brenda'This selection from M. acuminata var. subcordata has brilliant golden flowers; they make up for their size deficit (7-8cm) by the intensity of their colour. A slow growing, compact tree that seldom sends up a dominant leader, instead making an unsymmetrical, rather shrubby form.

Magnolia 'Brett' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Brett'
A fabulous selection from John Carlson of uncertain parentage. Vigorous upright habit when young, the original plant reached about 7m at ten years old. Beautiful large pink flowers.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Brixton Belle'
([M. Sweet Simplicity x M. Black Tulip] x M. campbellii ‘Sir Harold Hillier’) A fabulous hybrid raised by Vance Hooper in Brixton, North Taranaki, New Zealand. He describes it as an "instant Magnolia campbellii that often sets flowers in the first year from grafting". He reports that the original plant produced 67 flower buds in just its 3rd year of flowering, which is truly remarkable. I don't imagine that it will perform to that level in our climate here, but nevertheless, the potential is there. As if that wasn't enough, he adds that the growth habit tends to be wider than high as the plant flowers twice a year, slowing its growth. The flowers are a delightful pale pink.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia sprengeri 'Bucklands' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia sprengeri 'Bucklands'
I love all the forms of Magnolia sprengeri. This one is a lovely pale pink selection.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Buksen White'
(M. yuyuanensis × M. sieboldii) This special hybrid was raised in Belgium at the Arboretum Bokrijk, from seed from the US. Both parents are summer flowering, but one is evergreen and the other deciduous. Perhaps unsurprisingly therefore, 'Buksen White' is intermediate between its parents, being semi-evergreen (holding much of its foliage for much of the winter, dependant on the conditions). The charming white flowers are also intermediate, whilst inheriting their vibrant crimson stamens from their M. sieboldii parent.
Available from autumn 2022
See Summer Flowering Magnolias

Magnolia 'Butterbowl'
([M. ‘Yellow Bird’ x M. ‘Sundance’] x M. ‘Yellow Dance’) Although the cross was made by the renowned American breeder Dr. August Kehr in 1992, it was subsequently cultivated and selected by Philippe de Spoelberch at the wonderful Wespelaar Arboretum in Belgium. The thickly textured, broad-tepalled flowers (produced before the leaves) are a unique orange-yellow colour and retain their cup-shape for a long period, providing inspiration for the name 'Butterbowl'. A tidy, handsome small tree which rarely produces a central leader, instead developing a perfectly round crown.

Magnolia 'Caerhays Belle'
(M. sargentiana var. robusta x M. sprengeri 'Diva') Large clear pink flowers open to huge bowls. Attractive upright and spreading branches. 5m. Will give best results in a favoured part of the country - early flowering, the gorgeous flowers are susceptible to frost damage.

Magnolia 'Caerhays Splendour'

Magnolia 'Caerhays Surprise' 
(M. campbellii var. mollicomata x M. liliiflora 'Nigra') From a 1959 cross made at Caerhays Castle, Cornwall, this lovely hybrid produces rosy lavender flowers from bright violet red buds. The outer petals are reflexed, giving the blooms a somewhat star- shaped appearance. 4m

Magnolia 'Candy Cane' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Candy Cane'
Nine erect tepals in three whorls, make up the flowers of this Gresham hybrid of unknown parentage, where each whorl has a distinct coloration. The outer whorl is also somewhat reduced. Outer tepals are rose at base fading to white at tip, with a rose stripe running from base to tip. The middle whorl of tepals has similar coloration, but slightly darker. The inner whorl is even deeper rose-purple at the base. 

Magnolia 'Carlos' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Carlos'
(M. acuminata var. subcordata x M. denudata) One of my favourite yellow flowered selections, this originated as an Eisenhut seedling before being selected by Philippe de Spoelberch. It flowers very late in the spring, typically peaking from mid-April to early May, just before the leaves unfurl, thus avoiding the frosts. Fragrant.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Cecil Nice'

Magnolia 'Chameleon' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Chameleon'
Correctly called M. 'Chang Hua'. This has an upright flower which is almost tulip shaped. Predominantly white, the outside is prettily flushed with pink, particularly at the base and mid-rib. Lightly fragrant too.

Magnolia x loebneri 'Champaign'

Magnolia 'Charisma'
(M. 'J.C. Williams' x  M. 'Vulcan') A much redder flower than that of 'J.C. Williams', up to 20-30cm across. Another wonderful New Zealand hybrid, this one from Ian Baldick combining two richly coloured parents. Sturdy, upright habit.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Charles Coates'
(M. sieboldii x M. tripetala) A superb hybrid between 2 summer flowering species. The creamy white flowers in May-June have distinctive crumpled petals and a conspicuous boss of red stamens in the centre, so typical of the group. Deliciously scented too.
See Summer Flowering Magnolias

Magnolia x wieseneri 'Charm and Fragrance'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Charming Lady' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Charming Lady'

Magnolia 'Jing Ning' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'China Town' (more correctly called M. 'Jing Ning')
This cultivar has come to Europe from China. The flowers are slightly reminiscent of those of M. stellata, being relatively small with multiple narrow tepals. I like it tremendously. It would make a wonderful small tree for a more confined space because it is so well proportioned and elegant. The flowers are almost pure white, with just the tiniest touch of pink at the base.

Magnolia stellata 'Chrysanthemumiflora'
This wonderful seedling from M. stellata 'Rubra' was selected in Japan. Each flower has over 40 clear pink tepals.

Magnolia 'Cobhay Pink Spectacular' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Cobhay Pink Spectacular'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia sieboldii 'Colossus' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia sieboldii 'Colossus'

Magnolia 'Columbus' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Columbus'
(M. denudata x M. x veitchii 'Peter Veitch') Potentially a large tree, this Magnolia has a lovely history. Although bred at the US National Arboretum, it was selected by the late John Bond, then Keeper of the Gardens at Windsor. He named it to mark the 500th Anniversary of Columbus' voyage, with oblique reference to the Magnolia's cross Atlantic journey also! It freely produces perfect cup-shaped white flowers. Our original material was kindly given to us by John Bond from the original plant.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Columnar Pink'
A plant from Maurice Foster's Garden.

Magnolias salicifolia 'Concolor' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia salicifolia 'Concolor'
The common name of M. salicifolia is willow-leaved magnolia, alluding to its smaller, narrow leaves. The dainty foliage and tidy upright habit make them perfect small trees for any garden. The flowers are proportionally smaller but in April are produced in such profusion that the tree becomes a cloud of white. 'Concolor' stands out with rich purple young growth adding an extra dimension. The flowers are fragrant but the foliage is also aromatic if crushed. A personal favourite of mine.  

Magnolia sprengeri 'Copeland Court' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia sprengeri 'Copeland Court'
This is a beautiful Cornish seedling from M. sprengeri var. diva. George Johnstone, owner of Trewithen gave it to Bishop Hunkin of Truro, who planted it at his official residence. Bishop Hunkin was a keen gardener who became a leading horticultural writer in the years following the Second World War. 'Copeland Court' is a real beauty, making an erect and tidy tree, with its gorgeous goblet shaped pink flowers covering the bare branches in April. 
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Coral Lake'
(M. 'Legend’ x M. 'Butterflies’) The large, rather upright flowers have 11 tepals and open to 17.5cm across. A blend of pinks shades to vertical yellow stripes on the outside, all paler within. Although it flowers late in the season, they usually open before the leaves expand. It is however, very hardy and frost tolerant. Slow growing with a sturdy habit.

Magnolia 'Crescendo'
(M. 'Yellow Lantern' x M. 'Big Dude') The late American breeder Dennis Ledvina is known for his work combining the yellow M. acuminata genes with more classical magnolias. The results have been quite remarkable, creating a whole new kaleidoscope of magnolia flower colours. 'Crescendo' is a real beauty. The unique reddish pink tones shade darker to the bottom of the outside of the tepals, whilst the interior is much paler. This fabulous tree flowers later in the season, thus avoiding the worst of the frosts. The name alludes to the way in which small buds open to huge flowers.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Crystal Chalice'
(M. x soulangeana ‘Lennei’ x M. sprengeri ‘Diva’) Intermediate between its parents, the white flowers of this Maurice Foster selection have a very elegant form, opening into a shapely bowl.

Magnolia 'Cuckoo'
(M. x soulangeana 'Rustica Rubra' x M. campbellii var. mollicomata) Raised in England by Tim Thornton. Noted for having a long flowering season, the flowers are pale pink.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Cup Cake' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Cup Cake'
(M. x soulangeana ‘Lennei Alba’ x M. x veitchii) Another Gresham hybrid; this one has fragrant creamy white flowers 30cm across, each highlighted by an inner pink disc and a prominent boss of stamens. Tidy upright habit.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Daphne' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Daphne'
(M. acuminata ssp. subcordata. 'Miss Honeybee' x M. 'Gold Crown') Bred in the late 1990s by the esteemed magnolia hybridiser A. Kehr raised and named in 2000 by Philippe de Spoelberch, this is arguably one of the best yellow flowered magnolias to date. For us this is very slow growing, making a compact and bushy small tree. Late flowering, as all this group, thus avoiding the worst of the frost. 

Magnolia sprengeri 'Dark Diva' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia sprengeri 'Dark Diva'
(syn. M. sprengeri 'Mystery Diva') Originating from seed from M. sprengeri 'Diva' from the Strybing Arboretum, San Francisco, it is possible that this is a hybrid. Darker pink in colour, but also much hardier than some clones, it takes time to reach sufficient maturity to flower to its full potential.

Magnolia liliiflora 'Darkest Purple'

Magnolia 'Darkest Purple' x 'Betty Jessel'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Darrell Dean'
(M. x soulangeana 'Rustica Rubra' x M. x veitchii) Gresham hybrid with huge, outward facing blooms, up to 30cm across in an opulent shade of wine-red. Vigorous, forming a rounded small tree. Usefully late flowering (within the spring period).

Magnolia 'David Clulow' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'David Clulow'
(M. x soulangeana 'Lennei Alba' x M. x veitchii) Beautiful large white bowl shaped flowers are produced from an early age. Selected in the US and introduced to this country in 1985, it is considered by some to be one of the best white magnolias in cultivation. It certainly has a beautiful flower, but a rather unruly habit in our windy site.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia stellata 'Dawn'
Each flower can potentially have more than 50 pale pink petals.

Magnolia 'Daybreak'
(M. x brooklynensis ‘Woodsman’ x M. 'Tina Durio’) Intensely fragrant rose pink flowers late in the season escape most of the frosts. Tidy upright habit.

Magnolia 'Daybreak' x 'Blushing Belle'

Magnolia 'Deborah'
(M. ‘First Flush’ x M. campbellii) Ian Baldick has become one of the most respected magnolia breeders in New Zealand and this recent selection is another beauty. The flowers display the cup and saucer form typical of M. campbellii, being predominantly white but with a red base.

Magnolia sprengeri 'Diva Burncoose'

Magnolia x loebneri 'Donna' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia x loebneri 'Donna'
This American selection is perhaps the largest flowered cultivar in the group. The tepals are comparatively wide, and the flowers open flat at maturity, potentially reaching 20cm across.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia denudata 'Double Diamond'

Magnolia stellata 'Dr. Massey'

Magnolia sprengeri 'Dusty Pink'
One of a number of clones to come to Europe from China in recent years. 
Available from autumn 2022

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