last updated 16/03/2022

Magnolia 'Early Rose'
(M. campbellii x M. liliiflora) An excellent hybrid bringing the hardiness of M. liliiflora to the wonderful flowers of the superlative M. campbellii. The result is a free-branching small tree which produces lots of clear rose-pink flowers, paler within, from an early age. Sister seedling to the well-known 'Star Wars'.

Magnolia 'Elegance'
(M. sprengeri 'Diva' x M. stellata 'Waterlily') On paper, this is a really interesting hybrid between two totally different parents. The result of this Phil Savage cross is intermediate between those parents and a real beauty. The multi-tepalled flowers have slightly narrower tepals, whilst the colour is reminiscent of 'Diva', being a lovely pink. It forms a robust small tree with a very even branching structure.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Elizabeth' 
(M. acuminata x M. denudata) A lovely Magnolia from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, this was one of the first yellow flowered hybrids; and one that has withstood the test of time. The cross was made in 1956, but it was not selected until 1977. The primrose yellow flowers with their red stamens are produced from an early age in great profusion and make it a winner in any garden. 

Magnolia 'Emma Cook'
(M. denudata x M. stellata 'Waterlily') From the same cross as 'Pristine' this is a delightful selection by Dr. Frank Galyon. It forms an elegant small tree (courtesy of the denudata parent) being upright initially before later becoming more spreading and rounded. The elegant white flowers are subtly flushed with pale lavender-pink on the outside. Very fragrant.

Magnolia x loebneri 'Encore'

Magnolia sprengeri 'Eric Savill'
This open-pollinated seedling of M. sprengeri var. diva originated at the Savill Gardens. By comparison, it is slower growing, typically with a more rounded crown. The flower is very distinctive, being an incredible reddish shade of pink and slightly crumpled looking. 

Magnolia sprengeri 'Eric Savill' x 'Ian's Red'
I can't wait to see this recent German selection flower. Both parents have fabulous reddish pink flowers, so the potential is there for a stunning result. 
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Eskimo'
(M. kobus ‘Norman Gould’ x M. x soulangeana ‘Lennei’) An interesting combination, resulting in large cup-shaped (to 15cm across) white flowers with just a hint of lilac. However, the particular attraction of this cultivar is its floral hardiness; with blooms having withstood at least six degrees of frost. Slow growing small tree of shrubby habit.

Magnolia kobus 'Esveld Select'
Although classified as a cultivar of M. kobus, it is possible that this is actually a hybrid with M. salicifolia. Whatever its parentage, it is a lovely thing - with delightful purple young leaves adding an extra dimension beyond the delightful white flowers. Tidy upright habit.

Magnolia 'Eternal Spring' 
(M. laevifolia x M. maudiae) Evergreen.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'F. J. Williams'
(M. sargentiana var. robusta x M. campbellii ssp. mollicomata 'Lanarth') A fabulous hybrid from Caerhays Castle in Cornwall, combining two exceptional species. Very floriferous, producing clouds of large "cup and saucer" shaped flowers early in the season. 
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Felicity'
(M. sprengeri 'Diva' x M. x soulangeana 'Wada's Picture') Bred by Phil Savage in Michigan, this floriferous cultivar was named after the late Felicity Peter-Hoblyn, who with husband Jeremy owned Lamellen Gardens in Cornwall. It has a well-shaped conical habit and pretty soft pink large flowers. This is an absolute beauty which deserves to be more widely planted. Lamellen’s plant reached approx 6m after 15 years.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Felix Jury' x 'Lanarth'
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Fire'
Introduced from China to Europe, there is still very little information available about this fabulous selection. My understanding is that it occurred in a population of a regional variation of M. sprengeri. The bright pink flowers are equally intensely coloured both inside and out.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Fireglow'
(M. cylindrica x M. denudata 'Sawada's Pink') This elegant American hybrid from Phil Savage forms a small tree with smaller, but thick leathery leaves. To my eyes, these have a distinctly blue cast by mid summer. The lovely flowers, consisting of ivory white tepals, with a vivid magenta-pink lower third and stripe to tip, are produced well before the leaves open.

Magnolia 'Flaming Heart'
(M. 'Big Dude' x M. 'Vulcan') Bicolour magnolia flowers are quite common, where the predominantly white flowers are stained darker to varying degrees at the base of the tepals. What sets this German hybrid apart is that the base colour is pale pink, shading darker to the base so intensely as to be almost luminous. 
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Flamingo'
(M. acuminata ‘Fertile Myrtle’ x M. sprengeri ‘Diva') Also from Phil Savage in Michigan, the tulip-shaped flowers are a brilliant unfading flamingo pink with orange tones. Extremely cold hardy and late flowering (slightly before the leaves unfurl) it is slow growing, in time to form a densely foliated, pyramidal tree.

Magnolia 'Fragrant Cloud' 
Correctly called M. 'Dan Xin' after the Chinese nursery worker who selected it, the flower is reminiscent of that of M. x soulangeana 'Lennei', but not as dark. The lovely flowers are deep purple on the outside, but more or less white within. The scent really is superb and completely justifies its Anglicised name. Slow growing with a rather shrubby habit, it's an excellent alternative for Magnolia 'Ruby'.

Magnolia 'Frank Gladney' 
There seems to be different opinions as to the origin of this one. I have seen it described as both (M. campbellii x pink Gresham hybrid) and (M. liliiflora x M.  x veitchii). This American selection has huge cup and saucer shaped flowers which are pink outside and creamy white inside. Fortunately for those of us in less favoured areas, it flowers later and is much tougher than its putative M. campbellii parentage might imply.

Magnolia 'Galaxy' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Galaxy'
(M. liliiflora 'Nigra' x M. sprengeri var. diva) A tidy pyramidal tree to 7m. The strongly fragrant flowers have 12 tepals, arranged in whorls of 4, which are dark reddish purple in bud, becoming lighter as they open. Happily it generally flowers late enough in the spring to avoid the worst of the frosts.

Magnolia sieboldii 'Genesis' 

Magnolia sieboldii 'Genesis' x tripetala

Magnolia sieboldii 'Genesis' x virginiana

Magnolia denudata 'Gere'
This beautiful white flowered selection flowers 2-3 weeks later than either typical M. denudata or M. x soulangeana, thus avoiding the worst of the frosts. It was first noticed as a mature (70 year old) tree in an Illinois churchyard, and given the name to be found on the nearest tombstone.

Magnolia 'Ghislaine'
(M. 'Galaxy' x M. 'Purple Breeze') Created by Philippe de Spoelberch at the Arboretum Wespelaar, Belgium in 1996, this one flowers between its parents, typically in late March to early April, thus avoiding much of the frost. The large floppy flowers are a softer pink than those of 'Purple Breeze', and are produced reliably in great profusion. Like its parents, 'Ghislaine' forms a tidy, symmetrical pyramidal tree, potentially wider at the base of the crown than it is high. Fabulous.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia denudata 'Ghost Ship'
Flowering very late in the season, thus avoiding the worst of the frosts, this selection has large creamy white flowers, handsome foliage and a very upright growth habit.

Magnolia 'Gill Day'
From Ian Baldick in New Zealand, this ocurred as a open pollinated seedling of M. 'Pegasus'. However, the pollen parent is thought to be M. 'Vulcan'. The lovely flowers are dark pink at the base, grading to pale pink at the tips and white within. As is 'Pegasus', it is fragrant too.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Gold Crown'
(M. x brooklynensis ‘Woodsman’ x M. ‘Sundance’) Yet another yellow-flowered cultivar from August Kehr in North Carolina, USA. This one is richer in colour than ‘Elizabeth’ or ‘Sundance’ with large flowers to 25cm across. Typically of the group, it flowers late in the season and is upright in habit.

Magnolia 'Gold Star' 
(M. acuminata var. subcordata ' Miss Honeybee' x M. stellata 'Rosea') Effectively a yellow flowered stellata, this magnolia is unique. The flowers truly are primrose yellow whilst their form is stellata-like, being 10cm across and consisting of 13-15 relatively narrow tepals. The larger than usual, almost furry leaves are attractively flushed with deep red when young, and give rather good yellow autumn colour (an unusual trait in this genus and definitely a bonus). All in all this small bushy tree is an exciting addition to our collection. I should also mention that it is considerably more vigorous than your typical M. stellata selection, happily forming a beautiful, symmetrical small tree.

Magnolia 'Golden Endeavour'
(M. acuminata 'Miss Honeybee' x M. 'Sundance') Heavily textured deep yellow flowers, approx 10cm wide, are freely produced; here in mid May. It forms a rounded, spreading small tree with particularly nice foliage.

Magnolia 'Golden Gala'
(M. acuminata x M. denudata) This excellent David Leach selection is later flowering than its sister seedling M. ‘Golden Sun’. Abundant lemon yellow flowers, with over-lapping tepals, are produced before the leaves.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Golden Joy'
(M. 'Yellow Bird' x M. x brooklynensis) This superb cultivar from Ian Baldick in New Zealand flowers late in the season, just as the leaves are emerging. The rich golden-yellow flowers are held in an upright manner and are larger than those of M. ‘Yellow Bird’ for example.

Magnolia 'Golden Pond'
(M. acuminata x M. denudata) The late David Leach introduced a number of yellow flowered cultivars. This one is a fast growing large tree with large flowers. Held upright, they have the narrow tepals typical of many M. acuminata derivatives but with great colour intensity than M. 'Elizabeth' for example.

Magnolia 'Golden Rain'
(M. acuminata  x M. kobus 'Norman Gould') There are many rather similar yellow flowered cultivars these days, but this one is unique in our collection. From Dennis Ledvina, he revealed that this tetraploid hybrid "displays medium yellow flowers with 6 very broad, rounded tepals that completely overhang". It forms a very stout, rather broad and branched tree.

Magnolia 'Golden Sun'
(M. acuminata x M. denudata) The heavily textured, 6-petalled flowers are a deep yellow and open flat to 10cm across. A wonderfully robust and floriferous tree. Typically for this parentage, flowering is late season (mid-May) thus avoiding the frosts. However, this cultivar rarely comes into leaf until after flowering, allowing the glorious golden blooms to be admired in all their splendour on mostly bare branches.

Magnolia 'Goldfinch' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Goldfinch'
(M. acuminata ssp. subcordata 'Miss Honeybee' x M. denudata 'Sawada's Cream') A tall, upright growing plant, broadening with age. Beautiful light yellow flowers shade darker towards the base. One of the earliest yellows for us, though flowering for a long period, so most flowers will open before the leaves. An excellent, very hardy Phil Savage selection.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia sieboldii ssp. sinensis 'Grandiflora'

Magnolia 'Green Bee'
(M. acuminata ssp. subcordata 'Miss Honeybee' x M. ‘ Gold Crown’) Another delightful yellow, bred by August Kehr in 1991 and selected by Belgian Philippe de Spoelberch over 10 years later. The large flowers appear just before or together with the leaves. Initially they are rather green until the perules shed, but then the flower matures to bright yellow. In fact, it's much more yellow than I was expecting from the name. An upright, pyramidal tree. 

Magnolia x loebneri 'Green Mist'

Magnolia wilsonii 'Gwen Baker' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia wilsonii 'Gwen Baker' 

Magnolia 'Hannah'

Magnolia x brooklynensis 'Hattie Carthan' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia x brooklynensis 'Hattie Carthan'
(M. x brooklynensis 'Evamaria' x M. x brooklynensis #209) The neat yellow flowers are noticeably highlighted by purple veins ascending from the base of the tepals. As is typical of this group, it is late flowering (at much the same time as the leaves unfurl) thus avoiding the worst of the frosts. Potentially a large tree, and satisfyingly fast growing, typically making a very tidy shape.

Magnolia 'Hawk'
(M. campbellii x M. sargentiana var. robusta) From Nigel Holman at Chyverton in Cornwall, this beautiful hybrid captures the best of both species with large flowers in an almost luminous shade of rose-purple. 
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Helen Fogg' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Helen Fogg'
(M. denudata 'Sawada's Cream' x M. x veitchii 'Peter Veitch') The flowers are white with the lower half being clean pink. Many magnolia flowers have bicolour flowers, but this one is unique in our colelction with slightly speckele colouring as opposed to the more normal stripe. This is a particularly hardy selection becoming a vigorous, upright tree. The flower is beautiful, but the tree tends to be a little unruly here in our windy site.

Magnolia virginiana 'Henry Hicks'

Magnolia x wieseneri 'Hillier clone'

Magnolia 'Holly Carlson'

Magnolia 'Honeybelle'

Magnolia 'Hot Flash'
(M. 'Elizabeth' x M. x brooklynensis 'Woodsman') This American selection by the renowned breeder August Kehr has large narrow, erect flowers, approx 12cm long. Deep yellow with a purple flush at the base, they are produced freely from an early age. Of ascending habit, it forms a slim, upright deciduous tree to 8m.

Magnolia 'Hot Lips' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Hot Lips'
A hybrid from M. campbellii var. mollicomata, possibly with M. sprengeri ‘Diva'. The flowers are pink on the outside, with a rich maroon midrib, darkening to almost entirely maroon at the base of the tepals. (It was this rich, voluptuous base that inspired the name ‘Hot Lips'). The inner surfaces are pale pink to white. The leaves are rich green, nearly oval, and can be as large as 23 cm by 23 cm. This has the potential to become a big tree by modern magnolia standards.

Magnolia 'Ian's Red'
(M. 'Vulcan' x M. soulangeana 'Burgundy') Bred in New Zealand, the large heavily textured flowers (up to 20 cm across) are a rich claret colour which holds well. The blooms are produced from a young age. It forms a small deciduous tree of upright but freely branching habit to 5m.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Insubria'
(M. 'Atlas x M. 'Star Wars')

Magnolia 'Iolanthe'
(M. Mark Jury x M. x soulangeana 'Lennei') Deservedly one of the best known of the eight hybrids raised by the late Felix Jury in New Zealand. He began hybridising magnolias in the early 1960s with the aim of creating campbellii type cultivars which would flower at a younger age and reach a more manageable size than the species. And this he achieved admirably with ‘Iolanthe’. Enormous soft mauve-pink cup and saucer shaped blooms are paler within and can be up to 28cm across. Flowering reliably and prolifically from a young age, it also has a long flowering period as the flowers open sequentially down the stem. I was amused to learn that Felix heeled in a number of un-flowered Magnolia hybrids in his veg patch, with the intention of planting them out later. But one plant, the original ‘Iolanthe’ flowered, and made such an impression, that it has remained there ever since. I gather that Felix’s son Mark finally admitted defeat and after some forty years, relocated the vegetables…
However, fabulous a breakthrough this was at the time, I have to say that although we still have 'Iolanthe' in the collection here, it's not one that we propagate these days. Time has moved on and there are others that do better for us. Naturally of broad habit to 5-6m, we find this one to be reluctant to send up a dominant leader, with a tendency to be rather lax and untidy. 

Magnolia salicifolia 'Iufer'

Magnolia 'J.C.Williams' (= M. 'Caerhays New Purple')
(M. campbellii x M. sargentiana var. robusta) This wonderful hybrid combines the best of, to my mind, the two greatest aristocrats of the magnolia family. Of strong, upright habit, large bowl shaped flowers of a bright rosy purple are freely produced. 8m.

Magnolia kobus 'Janaki Ammal'
If you like your flowers big and blousy, then this is not the one for you! Instead, the white blooms are smaller, with narrow slightly crinkled petals, produced in such a profusion over a long time, enveloping the tree in a snowy embrace. We've found it to be free branching and very tough. Although slow here, it should be vigorous to 6m.

Magnolia 'Jane'
(M. liliiflora 'Reflorescens' x M. stellata 'Waterlily') The smaller, more "tulip shaped" flowers are red purple outside, white inside. It is the latest flowering of the hybrid group of resilient shrubby magnolias known as 'the little girls'.

Magnolia stellata 'Jane Platt' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia stellata 'Jane Platt'
This garden selection from Oregon produces gorgeous flowers which are dark pink in bud, maturing to a pink-blushed white. The floral display is enhanced by the fact that the flowers have 20-30 petals. 

Magnolia x loebneri 'Jennifer Robinson'

Magnolia salicifolia 'Jermyns'

Magnolia 'Jersey Belle' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Jersey Belle'

Magnolia 'Jing Ning' (also known as 'China Town')
This cultivar has come to Europe from China. The flowers are slightly reminiscent of those of M. stellata, being relatively small with multiple narrow tepals. I like it tremendously. It would make a wonderful small tree for a more confined space because it is so well proportioned and elegant. The flowers are almost pure white, with just the tiniest touch of pink at the base. 'Jing Ning' is one of the first magnolias to flower for us each spring.

Magnolia 'John Bond' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'John Bond'
This selection from M. cylindrica is a real beauty. From a distance, the impression is of pure white flowers; it's only upon closer inspection that a pale pink flush is visible at the base of the tepals. These glorious cup and saucer shaped flowers can be up to 23cm across. It was named for the late John Bond who was Keeper of the Gardens in Windsor Great Park for 27 years towards the end of the 20th century.
Available from autumn 2022
Magnolia 'John Bond' at Junker's Nursery

Magnolia 'John Congreve' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'John Congreve'
(M. sargentiana var. robusta x M. sprengeri) This fabulous hybrid comes from the magnificent Mount Congreve estate in south east Ireland. It was originally purchased as M. sargentiana var. robusta, but when it flowered it was clear that it was something different, distinctive and quite exceptional. Flowering comparatively late in the season, the bright pink flowers are truly gorgeous. 
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Joli Pompom'
(M. ‘David Clulow’ x M. sprengeri var. elongata) This unusual Belgian cultivar from 2003 is one of my personal favourites.
The rich pink stamens are particularly prominent, enhancing the elegant white flowers. Later flowering and so much tidier in habit than 'David Cloulow', this makes a really beautiful tree.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Jolly Roger'
(M. denudata x M. sargentiana var. robusta) This Phil Savage hybrid from Gossler Nurseries in the USA, is a sister seedling to M. 'Marjory Gossler'. Similar in colouring, with predominantly white flowers flushed pink at the base, I prefer this one; mainly because 'Jolly Roger' has a much tidier habit than 'Marjory Gossler'. The flower shape is intermediate between the parents. 
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Joris'
A spontaneous seedling from M. x soulangeana this Dutch selection is reminiscent of M. x soulangeana 'Lennei Alba', but 'Joris' flowers earlier in the spring, and is reputedly even better! The bright white flowers are frost tolerant.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Judy Zuk'

Magnolia 'Just Jean'
This chance seedling from M. x soulangeana comes from John Gallagher in Dorset and was named for his sister. it has the largest flowers of any M. x soulangeana that I've ever seen and is quite a spectacle in flower. The lilac-pink flowers are darker on the outside. It forms a small tree, branching freely to develop a rounded canopy.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Katja Landler' Magnolia 'Katja Landler'
(M. 'J.C. Williams' x M. 'Purple Planet') What a beauty! The intense pinkish-purple flowers reflect the sun in an extraordinary way. It forms a very tidy, upright pyramidal-shaped tree that is very weather tolerant. Already a firm favourite here.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia stellata 'Keiskei'

Magnolia stellata 'Kikuzaki'
The small light pink flowers boast up to 30 petals and are produced abundantly, even on very young plants.

Magnolia stellata 'King Rose'
The pretty flowers are white flushed pink. This is one of the more vigorous cultivars of M. stellata for us, and the best choice to grow with a single trunk to achieve a more tree-like structure.

Magnolia acuminata var. subcordata 'Kinju'
This selection has particularly large and brightly coloured flowers. They are produced very late in the season, as the first leaves unfurl in April-May, so are unlikely to be spoilt by frost.

Magnolia 'Kittiwake'
(M. campbellii 'Betty Jessel' x M. 'Albatross') This UK hybrid from Tim Thornton (the same stable as M. 'Cuckoo') combines two spectacular cultivars to excellent effect, producing huge pink flowers.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia acuminata 'Koban Dori' 
Smaller growing form, of upright graceful habit. Small upright poised canary yellow cupped blooms open as growth commences in the spring.

Magnolia 'Kronos'
(M. 'Atlas' x M. 'Big Dude') A fabulous hybrid from Germany. The rich red base on the outside of the tepals contrasts with the otherwise icy white flowers, which are intensely fragrant. The rounded tepals are particularly thick-walled which gives then remarkable resistance to inclement weather, including light frosts. Each flower lasts for a long time too. Upright in habit, with sturdy growth.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'LA 21'
It's a shame that the working code for this one has never been replaced with a "proper" name, because it is a magnificent selection. The huge pale pink flowers show very strong influence from M. campbellii, with its characteristic cup and saucer shaped flowers. It forms a strong growing tree.

Magnolia 'Lanarth Surprise'
Although only recently registered, this seedling from 'Lanarth' has been growing in the gardens at Caerhays for many years. The rich magenta flowers are reminiscent of those of 'Lanarth', though smaller. This is considered to be hardier than its parent. Flowering can be sparse initially, becoming more floriferous as it establishes.

Magnolia sprengeri 'Lanhydrock'
This is a personal favourite of mine, and we have a rather wonderful specimen at the top of the nursery. It originated as an open-pollinated seedling of 'Diva' at Trewithen. The flowers are a deeper pink than those of 'Diva'.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Laura Saylor'
(M. denudata 'Sawada's Pink' x M. sprengeri 'Diva') This lovely and floriferous 1976 hybrid from Phil Savage forms a tall, erect tree with smooth pale grey bark, and brown twigs. The leaves are similar to those of ‘Diva’ but are about three quarters of the size. The large, upright flowers have 9-12 tepals that are bright pink outside, white shaded with pink inside, and do not open below horizontal.

Magnolia 'Leda'
Believed to be a hybrid between M. cylindrica and M. campbellii var. alba, it freely produces gorgeous pure white cup and saucer flowers, each up to 23cm across. Slow growing, with an upright habit, particularly when young though it will eventually broaden with maturity. 
See also the more recent hybrid 'Manchu Fan' x 'Leda' 

Magnolia 'Legacy'
(M. sprengeri ‘Diva’ x M. denudata) This exceptionally hardy tree produces large flowers to nearly 25cm across in mid-to late April. They are red-purple at the base, paling towards the tip of each tepal, and white within. The overall soft pink effect is enhanced by pink and ivory stamens.

Magnolia 'Lemon Star' (syn. 'Swedish Star')
(M. acuminata M. kobus 'Norman Gould') The best of seven seedlings, this August Kehr hybrid, which flowered for the first time at Wespelaar Arboretum, Belgium in 2000, is a fabulous thing. Intermediate between its parents, the fragrant flowers are greenish yellow at first, becoming pale later, and have been described as resembling “lemon ice-cream”. The 6 tepals are quite narrow, giving the plant a light and airy feel when in flower. Peaking in late April, you can expect to enjoy the floral display for about a month. Surprisingly good autumn colour is an unexpected bonus. This first-rate introduction has proven here to have excellent robustness and tolerance too.

Magnolia 'Lennarth Jonsson'
(M. acuminata ‘Fertile Myrtle’ x M. campbellii ‘Queen Caroline’) A cross by Phil Savage, using pollen sent by Lennarth Jonsson. This selection always seems to produce very “perfect” heavily textured flowers. The broad, almost rounded tepals are pink on the outside, with darker purple flushing from the base, whilst opening to reveal an almost pure white interior. Very beautiful. Late flowering and very hardy, this grows vigorously to make a tidy symmetrically branched substantial tree. Sparse flowering when newly planted, it becomes increasingly floriferous with age.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia x loebneri ‘Leonard Messel’ 
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Lesa Belle'
(M. 'Black Tulip' x M. 'J.C.Williams') These 4 cultivars with the "Lesa" prefix were all raised in Italy by Paolo Dobner, from crosses made by Michael Gotschalk in Germany. We are very grateful to Paolo for sharing them with us. 

Magnolia 'Lesa Burgundy'
(M. 'Eric Savill' x M. 'Vulcan')

Magnolia 'Lesa Purple'
(M. 'Spectrum' x M. 'J.C.Williams')

Magnolia 'Lesa Splendor'
(M. 'Felix Jury' x M. 'Cedullo')

Magnolia x loebneri 'Lesley Jane'
A seedling of ‘Leonard Messel’ selected in Wales for its superior growth and form, happily becoming a small, single-stemmed, upright branched tree. By comparison with its parent, it has more tepals (14-17) which are much less floppy. These are red-purple when they first emerge, but this reduces first to a basal stripe and then disappears, such that the fully mature flowers are pure white.

Magnolia 'Limelight'
(M. acuminata ssp. subcordata x M. 'Big Pink') (Japanese Form) This selection from Phil Savage develop into a vigorous, broad, often multi-stemmed tree. This can be spectacular but becomes sculptured by the wind on our exposed site. Long, pointed buds open into some of the largest yellow flowers, in a unique shade of greenish yellow to chartreuse. Fragrant too.

Magnolia 'Livingstone' at Junker's Nursery Magnolia 'Livingstone'
(M. sprengeri 'Diva' x M. 'Vulcan') Fabulous selection from Ian Baldick who named it after his garden in South Auckland, New Zealand. The incredibly vibrant reddish-purple flowers open out a little flatter than the stage shown in the photo left. Forming an upright tree when young, it will become more spreading with age.
Available from autumn 2022

Magnolia 'Lois'
(M. acuminata x [M. acuminata x M. denudata]) Another of the new generation of precocious yellow flowering hybrids. By comparison with the well-known ‘Elizabeth’, this one is more intensely coloured, but the flowers are slightly smaller. However, they are held for a tremendously long time – 4 or 5 weeks – and fall without discolouring rather than fading with age. It forms a tidy, symmetrically branched tree. Definitely a favourite in our collection.

Magnolia 'Lotus'
(M. x soulangeana 'Lennei Alba' x M. 'Mark Jury') Of the same parentage as my old favourites 'Athene' and 'Milky Way', this Felix Jury hybrid has exquisite, large pure cream flowers, which resemble the lotus flower for which it is named. Beautiful though it is, it takes longer to settle into the consistent blooming of its sisters. Flowering mid season, it will make an upright pyramidal tree to approx 5m.

Magnolia salicifolia 'Louisa Fête'
A strong growing selection of this lovely species from the Gimborn Arboretum in Holland.

Magnolia 'Lucy Carlson'
(M. x loebneri ‘Leonard Messel’ x M. salicifolia) I love this group of magnolias. This upright growing small tree has proportionally smaller leaves, which inherit the aroma of aniseed from M. salicifolia. In bud the flowers are deep pink, but they lighten in colour as they open to become flushed pink on the outside and almost white within. 

Magnolia stellata 'Lyle's Legacy'
'Lyle's Legacy' was selected from a batch of seedlings grown in Maine.
With up to 46 tepals, it has much fuller flowers. These are fragrant and fundamentally white, but with a soft pink centre. One of the more recent selections of M. stellata, and a lovely addition to our collection. 

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