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Summer 2009

For new visitors, curious as to who we are and what we do (never mind why we do it) 

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I'm told that the Met office has just declared a "heat wave warning" for the next week or two, so this seems like a jolly good moment to hide in the office...the potting and stock taking is finished and I can turn my attention to updating the website and sorting out order confirmations. I also ran out of paper catalogues a few weeks ago (we were mentioned in The Telegraph a few times this spring and were rather inundated with enquiries!) so I must apologise to those of you who are still waiting for a paper version. However, the website, once I've updated it (!) will have many more plants listed becasue I am mindful of a need to be sensible with the scale of the paper catalogue!

So, what progress have we made since I last put pen to paper (or I should say, finger to keyboard)? It's been a slightly traumatic time at family level, but the new site is progressing well, if more slowly than I would like. It was widely acknowledged to be a "bad" winter and although many of the evergreens in the gardens here were damaged, we were fortunate to escape structural damage at either location. 

Our children have taken their public examinations and now await their results. 

Meanwhile "Happy Gardening" and at a time of financial uncertainty, what more enjoyable (or economical) a way to occupy one's spare time could be found than enjoying your garden.

Karan Junker

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